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Electrical Panels

If your house was built before 1960, you presumably have a fuse box. It’s time to replace, rather than repair, that fuse box with a circuit breaker panel if you still have one. Fuses (unlike breakers) need to be replaced when they blow, and they only allow for half the amperage of a standard fuse box. It saves time and money to replace, rather than repair, the old fuse box. It’s safe for appliances, and it usually comes with extra breaker slots for future expansion.

Circuit breakers may also require replacement. Heat, a burning odor, circuit breakers that are 20 years old or older, and recalled brands are all reasons for circuit breaker replacement. To avoid problems that could lead to house fires, Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) and Zinsco panels have been recalled and must be replaced. The circuit breaker may also fail due to flooding or water damage.

Every circuit breaker panel in your home should be maintained on a regular basis. Lake Electric in Surprise, AZ, provides maintenance packages to ensure that your electrical systems are in good working order. Breaker boxes that are well-maintained save money and provide years of safety for your family.



One of the most satisfying advantages of working as an electrician is deciphering what is actually going on from such compelling evidence as “appears to be developing a problem” and making an informed decision on the best course of action. A technician feels extremely satisfied after successfully troubleshooting a complex piece of equipment. Having a good troubleshooting plan and sticking to it can help you achieve this satisfaction.

When faced with a difficult problem, follow these seven steps

  • Gather information
  • Recognize the problem
  • Determine which parameters need to be assessed
  • Determine the source of the problem
  • Make the necessary corrections/repairs to the component
  • Double-check the repair Conduct a root cause analysis.
  • Conduct a root cause analysis


When it comes to indoor and outdoor lighting installation and repairing lighting in your home, only a licensed residential electrician can help. Changing a light bulb is one thing, but installing track lighting or a dimmer switch can be difficult and dangerous if done incorrectly. We, at Lake Electric, are here to help you with all of your indoor and outdoor lighting installation needs in Surprise, AZ. We are a local, family-owned business that has been providing electrical installation, repair, maintenance, and service for over 20 years. We provide free lighting proposals and stick to the agreed-upon price.

Generators – Standby

Generators – Standby

A sudden power outage is one of the few things that can completely impede your daily routine. The uncertainty of a power outage can be extremely stressful if you don’t have a backup generator. Even if you have a generator, long or frequent power outages can be damaging to your equipment. We, at Lake Electric, offer generator installation, repair, and replacements to make sure you always have backup electrical power. Of course, having a quality system capable of meeting your needs is the first step. As a result, we provide a wide range of generator installation, repair, and replacement services, including:

  • Generator repairs and upgrades
  • Installations and replacements of new generators
  • Inspections of the entire system
Generators – Standby
Car Charging Stations

Car Charging Stations

Do you have an electric car, and would you like to be able to charge it at your home? For the convenience and increased safety, an electric car charging station installation may be worth the investment. Our expert electricians at Lake Electric in Surprise, AZ, can help you decide if an electric car charging station installation is right for your home. We can recommend and install the most advanced EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) options available.

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The EVSE Setup Process

There are numerous advantages to owning an electric car, including lowering your carbon footprint and saving money on gas. Having your own electric car charging station is a smart investment as well. You can rely on our team of qualified electricians to assist you in locating the best location in your home for your EVSE installation and to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

The following steps may be involved in the installation of your EV charger:

  • All EVSE equipment is inspected.
  • Examination of the proposed installation location.
  • Installation of EVSE equipment.
  • Check for load capacity in the electrical system and upgrade if necessary.
  • Assuring that equipment complies with all applicable codes and permits.
  • Inspecting equipment to ensure it is in good working order.
Setup Process-175485255
50145950-Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs

One of the biggest problems we find with do-it-yourself (DIY), whirlpool, and spa installation projects is unsafe conditions like worn out GFCI protection or faulty wiring. To ensure your spa or whirlpool is functional and safe for your family and friends, it’s important to rely on a Surprise, AZ, electrician to perform the spa or whirlpool tub installation project. Maybe you bought your home because of the pool, and now you have to deal with the faulty wiring. With Lake Electric on your side, you don’t have to worry.

All spas and whirlpools are not created equal. Your neighbors’ wiring may be completely different from yours. Rather than relying on your neighbor to fix the problem, call Lake Electric to put your mind at ease. We are the experts when it comes to electricity and water. Shorts, insufficient power, and the risk of an electrical fire or electrocution can all occur when things are wired incorrectly. Due to faulty wiring, you could even end up damaging your spa, whirlpool, or pool. We also provide a 1-year warranty on our work. Make an appointment with our staff to have a spa, whirlpool bathtub, or pool installed in your Arizona home.

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Ceiling Fans

If you’ve recently purchased a ceiling fan and are searching for qualified, professional electricians in Surprise, AZ, to install it, we can help! Lake Electric specializes in a wide range of electrical services, including skilled ceiling fan installation and replacement. Ceiling fans have been replaced and installed by our skilled electricians for decades. We’re here to make the procedure as simple as possible for residents of Surprise, Waddell, Glendale, Peoria, and the surrounding areas. Thanks to our expertise in ceiling fan installation and replacement, you and your family will soon be reaping the benefits of a fresh new ceiling fan. Our crew will construct and install your new ceiling fan in a balanced, efficient, and quiet manner. Soon, you’ll be saving money on summer electric costs and enjoying the added comfort of a ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fans-63767832
Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Installing landscape lighting is one of the most obvious adjustments you can make to any of your outdoor locations. Your guests will be blown away by the functional design of these colorful additions, whether you’re putting lights to illuminate paths or getting electricity flowing in the yard to power a tiny waterfall. Landscape lighting is flexible because it may enhance a home’s appearance and security, as well as create a certain mood or make a place ideal for entertaining. As always, our professionals collaborate closely with you to develop a lighting strategy that realizes your vision. We’ll put our expertise to work to make your vision of a modern outdoor space a reality, making little or significant changes to get you where you want to go. Once the spotlight is shining on your remodeled outdoor area, you’ll see the difference that our excellent handiwork makes.

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