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Electrical Safety Inspections

Has your business had an electrical safety inspection in the previous seven years? If not, you have no idea what condition your business’s wiring and other components may be in.

Loose connections occur at devices such as switches and outlets, as well as inside junction boxes, even when no one has touched them. AC current constantly vibrates at 60 cycles per second. Wiring can expand and contract due to hot or cold weather conditions. For these reasons alone, once tight connections can become loose over time.

Your business also has several types of electrical safety devices that require periodic testing to ensure they are functioning properly. This is included in every electrical safety inspection provided by Lake Electric.

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The Following Services Are Provided By Our Electrical Safety Inspection:
  • Inspections of electrical systems
  • Repairing the electrical system
  • Troubleshooting Electrical Issues
  • Inspection of Electrical Safety
  • Inspection of the Wiring
  • Testing of the Wiring
  • Electrical Installations
  • Ballast Replacements
Ballast Replacements

Ballast Replacements

Are your fluorescent lights flickering or not working? Are your parking lot lights out or turning on and off all night? If your answer is yes, then the ballasts may be bad. A ballast is located inside some light fixtures and is an essential part that regulates the voltage to several types of lights. Ballast replacement is one of the many services that Lake Electric provides for our customers. Lighting for your commercial property was engineered to provide enough light to ensure that anyone can move around your business safely. If someone gets injured because they couldn’t see where they were walking due to a lack of lighting, that’s a lawsuit just waiting to happen. Lake Electric can get all of your lights to work just like new. Another thing you may want to consider is having us retrofit your existing lighting to LED. Lake Electric specializes in lighting of all kinds. We can provide and install retrofit kits for just about any type of light fixture. LED lighting is a great, low-maintenance and energy saving investment that can save your business a lot of money. The lifespan of LED lighting can exceed that of your current lighting by as much as ten times, which means you won’t be changing bulbs anytime soon. LED lighting is the most efficient and energy-saving way to light up your business and can lower your electric bill. Also, some utility companies offer rebates to businesses that make improvements that significantly lower their energy usage.
Breakers, Transformers

Breakers, Transformers

When too much amperage is pulled from a building’s primary power circuit, circuit breakers are designed to stop the power flow. It should come as no surprise that a tripped circuit breaker may be a major problem that can result in blackouts and electrical fires, so knowing what to do when your circuit breaker tripper is essential.

For any circuit breaker box services, we strongly advise that you employ a professional electrician. Because you’re working with high-voltage equipment, making a mistake can be costly, if not fatal. Do not attempt to repair a tripped circuit breaker without the assistance of a professional.

Surge Protection

Surge Protection

A lightning strike can send a tidal wave of power through your home or business’s wiring, whether it’s to your property or to something within the electrical grid. When this happens, your pricey equipment, such as flat-screen TVs, computers, servers, appliances, and pretty much anything plugged into or linked to your company or home’s wiring, can be the unfortunate beneficiaries of this surge. Because most of us don’t budget for unexpected costs like replacing refrigerators, washers and dryers, computer equipment, or company servers, it’s critical to safeguard your investments with a commercial or whole-home surge protector.
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